Sunday, July 10, 2016

To Sporty?

This morning I was with a few friends and we were discussing what kinds of things we did as kids When it came to my turn all of my child hood seemed to revolve around 2 things. Sports and Theatre.
upon further discussion they deemed me to be the sporty friend.
From the ever young age of 3 my childhood was booked. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it. My parents have never made me do things that I wasn't interested in.

At three I started dance class, and trust me the world just wasn't ready for my out of sync, clumsy self that I thought I could be. It was a disaster and one program was all that I wanted to do, after that I was over it and decided that I wanted to be a cheerleader. To know ones surprise but mine, you also had to have some sort of coordination and grace for this as well. Skills which, as an adult, I still lack. As any toddler would be, I was crushed that I didn't get to wear tutus and carry around pom-poms anymore.

Where I grew up, there wasn't much to do for kids at that age, so after exhausting all of their options my mom and dad found a tennis instructor that was willing to teach me. For 2 years I played tennis 3 times a week. I was never going to be the tennis prodigy that played at Wimbledon, but at the time it was something that kept me busy and helped to burn off energy.
When I turned 5 I was able to start doing other sports like softball, basketball, and soccer.

After one season I hung up my soccer cleats and decided that there was just to much running. I did however repurpose those cleats for the softball field. Softball was my first love. My sister was my coach and had been coaching for a long time before I came along. I started softball at 5 and played until I was 16. I would've continued to play, but after a couple of surgeries it just wasn't looking like playing fast pitch was a good idea.
Before my early retirement, a few girls from my team, myself included, had started to help my sister coach her team. On the weekends we would run between fields. Helping her on and off the field, then change uniforms and go play a field away. It was always funny to watch as our parents trailed behind us with drinks and snacks to make sure that we were ready for our game. I played third base, incase you were wondering. Another fun fact, I tripped on first base after an amazing hit that easily could've been my first homerun. I've also hit a foul ball over the fence on the 1st base side that hit a guy square in the back. It was his fault. We called heads up, haha.
Softball wasn't all year round, only in the spring and summer did I spend the majority of my life at the fields.
During the summer I would go to softball camps, and randomly I attended a couple of volleyball camps which we pretty fun.
During the winter was basketball season. and my coaches were fantastic. My coach's husband also coached a boys team and we would scrimmage almost every practice. It would always become a who was better, the boys or the girls. It was a blast. I took a bad fall and ended up having to have 3 knee surgeries because of it.

I'm not exactly sure what the point of this was except to share a little about myself and to tell you about my love of softball. I still go to the batting cages ever couple of weeks to release some stress and just enjoy myself.

This is from earlier this week. My friend and I went before we each had to go to work

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