Monday, September 21, 2015

Its Upon Us

A month ago smack talk started, cable bills increased, and honey-do lists were done by Sunday morning. It can only mean one thing!
While most girls were getting excited about pumpkin spice lattes, most men were finding the perfect spot on the couch with a beer and some wings. Oh yea, drink responsibly and designate a driver!
Now that my adulting is done we can move on.
I'd like to start by saying that
 It all started in 8th grade when I sat between two boys who were arguing over which Manning brother was going to earn them more point in their fantasy league. I asked if I could help them settle their debate and per usually. They told me that I wouldn't be able to help them settle the argument because I was a girl and wouldn't know anything about football. They were right; I didn't know anything about football, so I spent the next Sunday sitting with my father and brother in law trying to wrap my head around the game. This was not the first time that I was sat between these two. It involved start wars and a weekend I will never get back, but that's a story for another day.
I was hooked ever since.
I will throw out there now that I am not necessarily a Panthers fan even though I am a North Carolinian. I am a cheese head, but I like to call my self a football fan as there are quite a few players that I like to keep an eye on. Julio Jones(since his Alabama days), Luke Kuechly, Jordy Nelson(even though he's out for the season), Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers, Luke Kuechly, Jonathan Stewart, JJ Watt, and Colin Kaepernick; just to name a few.
Flash forward to yesterday. I traveled to Bank of America stadium for the Panthers game against the Texans. Sadly, Luke Kuechly was out, but I did get to witness all the was JJ Watt, even though the panthers did a great job of shutting him down. I ill also say that A.J Klein did a fantastic job of filling in for Luke. The game was a nail bitter and it could've gone either way. Thankfully the panther did win their season opener. Cam newton was my top earner yesterday. He got me 26 points in my fantasy league. I only took one photo during the game. I was a little distracted, but I did get some before. I'll add them at the end of this post.
After the game, my friend and I had a headache and were hungry so we made our way to find some food. We went into Harris Teeter and hit up their salad bar for lunch and grabbed a box of raspberries for desert. After eating we made the 5 hours trip back home. In all it was a great day. The panthers stadium staff we all very lovely and couldn't have asked for a better Sunday.
Who's your team? What players are you rooting for?
Laters butterflies,

We had an early start. Let my house at about 5 am
Made it to Charlotte a little after 10


A few Texans out an the field stretching

AJ Klein is on the left.

JJ Watt warming up

Panthers doing team stretches

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