Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

To be honest, I don't really remember the beginning of this year. As the year went on there were a few high points and I thought that I'd high light those here.
1. Blue Ridge Music Festival!
I don't really do many social things unless I am super pumped and for this I truly was. It was my 21st birthday after all and since this was a milestone, I had to do something epic. I picked a friend that I knew for a while and we drove the 5 hours up to Virginia so see the show. It was fantastic and for the record I still have tan lines... SUNSCREEN FOLKS!
Dustin Lynch & Florida Georgia Line
2. I had my very first Night On the Town & finished school
I didn't follow tradition and actually went out with a good friend and her husband a few months after my birthday. I had far to much alcohol and thankfully did not feel sick the next day! The first drink was a vodka cranberry.
I also started and finished school and am now a certified phlebotomist. By the way, anatomy and physiology are no joke! They kicked my butt. I am almost ready to be an adult; at least my mother hopes so.
3. I enjoyed my second NFL football game.
The first was 2 season ago and this season I got to enjoy JJ Watt and sadly Luke Kuechly was not cleared from the concussion protocol to play. Either way, I love football and I love my parents for the early Christmas Gift.
There are game pictures in another post. I am on the right.
 4. Christmas!!
My Brother-in-law had never been to an NFL game and to say that he was a die hard Panthers fan would be an understatement; so what do I do? I scheme. I got together with my parents and the three of us gave Bro-in-law and nephew the best gift ever! We bought them tickets for the Panthers vs Bucs game in 2 days. Sadly his panthers are not undefeated. There is always next season boys.
I hope that everyone reading this has had a spectacular year.
I am planning to have an even more memorable 2016. I can't wait for you all to enjoy it with me.
Later Butterflies,

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